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1 June 2012

{One week to... Design a dessert table} Day 4: Ready, Steady, BAKE!

Time for some serious baking ! Only a few days left before the big reveal so I need to really get all these treats ready !

Again, the first thing to remember is who you are making all this for. In any case, the table should include some of their favourite desserts.
My husband's favourites include: chocolate, pistachio macaroons, chestnut puree, Tiramisu, Maltesers (!), jelly beans, Carambar, financiers (little French almond cakes), lemon tart, Creme Mt Blanc (French brand of custards in endless flavour from chocolate to caramel).

I can't have all of the above on the table and some of them wouldn't fit in with my colour scheme of natural white-beige-brown with green accents. So I have had to make a selection !

What I will be making:
Chocolate Brownie Bites
Custard puddings in different flavours (recipe next week)
Caramel pots
Pistachio financier (recipe next week)
Chocolate mud cake

What I will be buying (from local shops):
Chocolate truffles

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