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3 June 2012

{One week to... Design a dessert table} Day 6: Finishing touches and DIY labels

Wow I have done sooo much baking these past two days !!! My oven must have run non stop today !!!
But I am all done now so all that's left is to add the finishing touches.

No matter how much time you spend baking and how good your dessert taste, if you don't present them right, they will look nothing special... this is the hard truth.
So this last step is very important: now you have to personalize your table. Add a few details that will make your display tasteful and original.

Here are a few simple ideas to add personality to your table:

Add labels
They add a nice touch to your display and there's no denying they are useful to your guests. You just need a sheet of scrapbook papers in your chosen colour scheme.
Here is a quick tutorial:

Add Flowers
I always have flowers on my tables, this is personal taste, but I do believe they add something unique to the display.

Dress it up 
What a difference a ribbon makes :-)

Mini cake stand with a ribbon glued on the edge

Try tying ribbons to cocktail sticks

Dress up you vases too, here I just added some burlap.

And don't forget
Do check that the tablecloth you will be using is clean and ironed... Better avoid last minute panic !

If all is well, I should be able to set my table up tomorrow. I was looking forward to having a little party in our garden but since it has been raining non stop for two days I have little hope now...

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  1. I love this series. Gorgeous table setting and design!


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