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3 October 2013

{Craft} Magnifying Glass plates TUTORIAL

I have been using magnifying glasses a lot for this Detective party: for a banner, labels and door sign. I think it is a cute element and it's been very easy to integrate to the decor and printables.

Now these decorated plates are going to look fun on the table ! There are the only thing I didn't Washi Tape !!! I think they'll look cute just like that ! They should give the dining table a good pop of colours.

They are super simple to make and you only need:
- Small plastic disposable plates
- Construction paper
- Glue strip
- Pencil, scissors

How To:

1: Cut strips of paper. I cut mine 2cm wide so they would come just above the plates top edge.

2. Glue several strips together until you have a piece of paper long enough to go round the plate. 
Close the loop, glue and cut excess paper.

3. Hand draw a handle on a piece of paper or card and use it as a template. 
Draw the handle shape on the construction paper and cutout.

4. Create a small tab by folding the end of the handle.
Glue onto the paper loop already created.

And you are done !

Now if, like me, you are not happy with the handle not staying up/horizontal, just use a small piece of paper folded in two to create a little leg at the end of the handle. 


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