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30 January 2021

Valentine's Day Love Packages

Well... what can I say...? last year did not quite go as planned!!!

As I was planning new parties for the year, Covid hit us, and suddenly our plans were cancelled. All our birthdays happened during lockdown, so needless to say, the celebrations were small and intimate....

We are now in our third national lockdown in the U.K., everything is closed appart from essential shops. No more school, no more interactions with friend, and some gloomy January weather.... We are all feeling a bit lonely and miserable.


With Valentine's Day just a couple weeks away, I thought how nice it would be to bring a little love to friends and families, people we know who might feel isolated. 

So i designed these cute Love Packages. And my love language being food (obviously!), I packed them full of home baked treats!!

I made the mailboxes out of cardstock and I included treats that would be easy to transport: a vanilla panna cotta pot with strawberry coulis and my favourite sugar cookies, topped with white chocolate drizzle and freeze died raspberries. Both recipes are super simple to make and are easy to make in big batches. Click here for the recipes.

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