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22 May 2012

{Craft} How to make pinwheels

Pinwheels seem to be the perfect party decoration. They are easy to make yourself and the children enjoy playing with them, so they can double up as party favors.
Plus they look stunning on dessert tables as they spin in the wind.
All in all, the perfect street party decoration !

Here is how to make your own paper Pinwheels:

Take a square of paper. You will get the best visual effect with papers that have a different patterns on each side.
Trace diagonals and cut along the 4 lines leaving about 1/4 uncut near the centre.
Bring every other end to the centre making sure they overlap each other. Pin.
Add a bead at the back of the pinwheel. This is essential if you want the pinwheel to be able to spin.
Pin to a dowel (you can use a wooden dowel or a long cookie pop stick).
Secure with few drops of super glue to hold the pin at the back of the dowel. Leave to dry.
Carefully clip excess pin (hold the part you are clipping off).

I have never been able to easily pin on a dowel. Even the paper cookie pop sticks are really hard. So I first put a fine nail in with a hammer in order to create a hole.
If using a wooden dowel, soak the end in a glass of water first to soften the wood and prevent it from splitting when putting the nail in.

I have been meaning to post this tutorial for 2 years now! Ever since I first used pinwheels for Noemie's Pirate Birthday party:

How much she has grown....

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  1. I just love this idea...thanks

  2. How big can the square of paper be and still have the pinwheel spin

  3. Hi, I am sorry I don't have an exact answer on the size of paper you can use. It depends greatly on the weight of paper or card you use... I go with trial and errors...

  4. Thank you for sharing!


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