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3 March 2020

I'm back

Hello friends! long time no see!
I can't say i haven't been crafting at all for the last (nearly) 4 years but I haven't done much compared to what i used to do....

Life got in the way. One big move (from California back home to the U.K.), on huge "back to work" full time and life with three busy children... on top that there is a new house that needs a lot of work. There you have it, I have spent the last 4 years busy with the everyday and improving my power tools skills in between!!!

But I can't deny it, I've missed this!! I kept up to date with the party world, I styled a few birthday parties, but i haven't shared much. Let's change that!!!

Easter is coming up and it's one of my favourite holidays so I will try and share some fun ideas.

In the meantime here are a couple pictures for our little Valentine's party last month :)

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