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1 October 2013

{Detective Party} Party Favors

Since the theme for this detective party comes from my daughter's love for the "A to Z Mysteries" books, it was only natural to buy books from the series as favors....
However, we still wanted our guests to leave with something that would remind them of the party so my daughter and I agreed that the books should come with personalised bookmarks !

I designed those cute little bookmarks with a picture of Detective Noemie on them and a thank you note. Aren't they fun ?? I absolutely love them.

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  1. Wow, those are very nice party favors, Virginie. Kids will for sure enjoy reading those materials and they can use your personalized bookmarks to mark their favorite page or to take note of the page where they stop. It is really a good idea that you gave party favors that is educational and at the same time fun for the kids.


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