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11 April 2013

{Craft} How to make tissue paper fire

I have decided to post this simple tutorial first since I am going to be using this "fire" on several items (banner, party hats).

This is really simple and of course can be adapted to any colour scheme.

You will need:
Red, orange and yellow tissue paper

How to:
Cut strips of tissue paper in all 3 colours. 
Fold strips in two lenght way.
Lay a red strip, then an orange strip and finally a yellow strip on top.
I like to put a couple of staples in the fold to hold them together. This is quicker than glue and does not stain.
Fold and cut all 3 layers to the same width so it looks neat.
Cut the fringes.
Ruffle so you get the "fire" effect and make sure the staples are hidden.


  1. I love this fire! I want to make one to go along my table like you did. How do you get them to connect? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Sahmene.
    You just need pieces of paper long enough for you project. You can also staple smaller pieces together.
    If you want you background to really look like fire, then I suggest you read this other tutorial which might be more what you are after...
    hope this helps.

  3. Love this! When I make it, it just lays flat ��

  4. Hi, it might be because the fringes are too long. Mine were short and held up well...


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