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31 May 2012

{One week to... design a dessert table} Day 3: Gather partyware and china

Now that your theme and colour scheme have been defined, you probably have a clear idea in your head of how you would like the table to look.

So the next thing to do (before you go buy anything at all !) is to search your house for items that would fit in well.

For this particular table, I decided to have a linen tablecloth. I own a fine, crispy white, linen tablecloth but this really isn’t the look I want. I need some natural looking linen to carry on the rustic feel of the wooden backdrop.
So instead of a tablecloth I settled for this vintage bed sheet.

I inherited it from a relative and because it is still new after all those year (it was never used), it has kept its original colour (old linen sheets became whiter after many washes). Perfect !

Now you need to decide on the table or sideboard you will be using to display your desserts. If you plan to have your dessert table outside, then find a table of a similar size inside.
Gather all the china and glassware you plan on using and dress the table for a rehearsal !

For me this is an essential part of the design process. I never have a clear enough vision of the table to skip this step. This helps me to find the exact display I want and makes it easier to decide on treats and desserts. It will also highlight if I need to buy anything (new pedestal, plate, decoration...)
I actually usually leave the display on for several days, and every day I rearrange the dishes. In most cases it takes me a few days to get it right.

I also take pictures of the different display options. Somehow seeing it in a picture on my computer screen makes it easier for me to realise how the overall feel/look can be improved.

Now time to fill those containers! Come back tomorrow to discover which treats I will be serving.

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