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30 May 2012

{One week to... design a dessert table} Day 2: Create a log pile backdrop

This really is the inspiration for this dessert table. I have wanted to create such a backdrop for quite some time and I am so pleased I did it because the result is simply stunning.

I wanted it to look like a log pile, but to have a modern stylish look at the same time. It turned out just as I wanted (which believe me is not often the case when I try something out!).


You need:
Hand Saw
Wood board
Glue gun

1 -Cut the logs into slices. This is the VERY time consuming part of this craft since it has to be done by hand.
I did try and get a somebody at our local wood yard to slice them with a machine for me but they said they risked damaging the blade if there was a knot in the log so they refused... If anybody has a quicker way to slice logs then please share !!!
I used logs in a variety of sizes and I cut slices of a different thickness, I wanted it to look as natural as possible.

2- Cut a wooden board to size. In my case it is the width of the table I will be using and about half a metre high.
Paint in a colour of your choice (I went for a dark brown), it will show in between the wood slices.

3- Place the slices on the board and move them around until you are pleased with the arrangement. Then simply lift them one at a time, place a little bit of hot glue at the back and return them to the same location.

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