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29 May 2012

One week to... design a dessert table

This year I decided it was high time I designed a table for my husband’s Birthday.
I have been decorating cakes for three years now (and of course he gets to taste all my trials and errors) but I never really made HIM a cake. So to make up for all the birthday cakes he didn’t get ;-) I will design a dessert table just for him!!! 

What with April being a busy month (with Easter and our son’s birthday) and our friends not being available on selected dates, we decided to move the party to May or June.
Well this is the end of May already and the weather is finally getting better so we have plans for an outdoor party.

For the next few days, I will share with you how I design his table, a step by step guide to how I do things and what works for me.
Whether my inspiration is the theme itself (like a sport/hobby for grown-ups or a character for children), a colour scheme or the location of the party, the process I go through is always the same. 

I intend on having the party this coming week end (which conveniently is a 4 day Bank Holiday week end here in the UK) so we’d better get started !!! 

Day 1: Choose a Theme and a Colour scheme

Of course the first thing to do when designing a table is to think about your “customer”. The design will have to reflect their personality and the dessert selection should include treats that are special to them. I suppose the occasion will also dictate some of the design elements, in my case it does not have to be too formal but I still want it to be elegant. 

I have decided that the starting point for this design was going to be a wooden backdrop (I will post pictures and a tutorial tomorrow). It should give the table a natural, nearly rustic, look.
For the table cloth, I will be using linen because I love the texture and I think it will complement the wood well. 

Now for colours. The natural palette I have chosen is white, beige and brown. I need the white for the china and the brown so we can have some chocolate treats !! (my husband is nearly as much a chocoholic as I am).
And there will be soft green accents so I can bring in some of his favourite pistachio treats. 

Once your theme and colour scheme is set up, remember to stick with it ! I get so easily distracted that I have to come back to the basics all the time!
A mood board really helps and I usually use pinterest for gathering my inspiration.   

See you tomorrow for the next task and a tutorial: how to create a log pile backdrop.

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