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20 September 2011

{Parties} A Bear Hunt Birthday party

My daughter will be 5 on Thursday and we are really busy getting everything ready for the party on Sunday.
Back in January she asked me to have a "We're going on a bear hunt" party because she loves the book so much. And she hasn't changed her mind since, I'm very impressed !

At first I though "Oh dear!"  but actually we came up with a really nice theme, mixing bears and picnic, and creating a decor using a color scheme of Brown and Red gingham.
We initially wanted to have the party in our local country park. We really would have liked a real picnic and a bear hunt in the park.... but the weather has been so unpredictable lately that we decided on a party at home instead. And seeing the weather today I think we chose right... We will be lucky if we have no rain on the day.

So I have been real busy. Crafting for the bear hunt and the party table.
The bear hunt is going to be a little challenge with a prize at the end. The children will be given a card and they will have to go through tasks to collect bear coins and fill their card. Every task relates to the book and they will have to go through grass, mud, a river, a forest and a snowstorm to eventually find the bear in its cave !

Here is a little preview with the invitations. I used a drawing my daughter made and the background is simply red gingham I got from SheryKDesigns on Etsy (it cost me $2 for 40 gingham digital papers in every color you can think of, a bargain).

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