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11 September 2012

{Craft} Tulle pompoms Tutorial

The Ballerina party is in less than 3 weeks and I have now officially entered panic mode !!! I have still A LOT to craft for this party... so I guess I have a few late night ahead of me...

Today I am sharing this easy tutorial to make tulle pompoms.
Do you remember making wool pompom when you were in school ? I do, but I couldn't remember how to !!! so I had to google it and after reading a couple of tutorials, it all came back to me. It is pretty easy.

Anyway, I used the same technique to make these adorable tulle pompom.

You will need
Tulle roll in the colour of your choice
Matching Ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon, long enough to hang your pompom
Cut out two cardboard rings (start by cutting a circle, then fold in two and cut out a small half circle from the middle, it does not have to be perfect)
Place the ribbon in between the rings.
Start wrapping the tulle around the rings until all the cardboard is covered.
Pull some of the tulle apart to have room for the scissors and cut the tulle at the edge
Tie ribbon and pull cardboard rings out.

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  1. Μοναδικο ... το λατρεψα <3


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