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13 September 2011

{Cake} Mini handbags

Here are some mini cakes I made for a friend's birthday. The design is from the book Cake Chic by Peggy Porschen (review here).

They were very enjoyable to make and they are the perfect birthday present.
They were chocolate sponges with chocolate ganache.
The brown fondant is actually chocolate fondant.


  1. HELP!!!!
    I have to make these for a birthday party, please send me more of a list on what to buy, assembleing, and what ever you think I would need. I am 12 years old and do not understand many recipes, PLEASE HELP ME.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, I am so glad you like this design. Aren't they darling ?
    All the instructions are in Peggy Porschen's Book and it includes the recipes too and lots of advice on cake decorating.
    I don't believe this is a beginner's project but if you have decorated cakes or used fondant before then you should be fine.
    You can find the book on the author's website here or on amazon wherever you live in the world.
    All the best

  3. They were chocolate sponges with chocolate ganache.

  4. Those Mini handbags cake looks gorgeous, I might get them to the and make some for myself too, Hope they taste as amazing as they are looking


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