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15 September 2011

{How to} ...Make a candy centrepiece

I have just found this post on AndersRuff and this is exactly what I have been wanting to know for a while... : How to display those pops which are so trendy ???

I have used cardboard boxes filled with polystyrene in the past but they were bulky. I guess I was always afraid foam would not hold the weight of the pops. But apparently it does.

They have used styrofoam block for the base. You then cover with paper to match your party theme.

Read the complete tutorial, advice and the party details here.

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  1. Beautiful candy centerpiece, You made a beautiful thing for decoration, I inspired by your post so I want to make as a similar candy centerpiece for the kid because my kid's birthday on next month so I'll give surprise to him and I ordered polystyrene blocks from internet. I hope my kid like it much, And thank you so much for this.


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