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12 September 2011

{Book Review) Peggy Porschen's Cake Chic

This is truly a gorgeous book.
The pictures are splendid and every single project looks amazing !

I have several of Peggy Porschen's books and as with all her books, this one is divided in 3 sections: cookies, small cakes and celebration/tiered cakes. This is really nice since I don't have many opportunities for very big cakes. Instead the cookies and small cakes can be made for smaller occasions (or at least for fewer people).

Her recipes are very good and on top of the instructions for each cake there is a "Basics" section at the end of the book describing basic recipes and techniques such as piping and cake covering.

This is not a book for beginner but if your have some experience in cake decorating, this should inspire you.

I would highly recommend this book and here a few reasons why:

And also of course her magnificent fondant fancies as shown on the book cover...

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  1. Always great to see such really nice products. But it is such a shame that Peggy Porschen blocked users and delete comments of her fans at her facebook site if there write really constructive criticism. That is really a shame


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