30 November 2010

NOEL letters

A while ago I came across this project from I Heart Naptime

These letters make such a nice decoration that I decided to make some for Christmas. Mine are just plain with no embellishment as the mantel will get decorated closer to Christmas.

There were really simple to make. I painted some carboard letters (from local Hobbycraft store) with red acrylic paint. Then glued on some scrapbook paper. The edges are finished by pressing a mini red ink pad all around the letter.

29 November 2010

Felt decorations

Here is my final selection. Although I had more ideas I probably won't have much time to make more before Christmas.

I will have to practice my "writing" for next year, I like the Merry Christmas one but my writing is truly awful !!!

28 November 2010

Advent Calendar

When I was a little girl, every year my mum would create an advent calendar for me ! She would hang a wrapped ring or a wreath from the ceiling and attach 24 little presents to it !!! What a great memory I have of it... Everynight I got to look at all the presents and pick one, a very difficult choice for a child...

So obviously, now that I have children I have decided to keep this wonderful tradition. I only had one to prepare this year as my 16 month old probably will not be bothered.
My daughter is having a mini tree in her bedroom this year so most of the presents are mini Christmas decorations. The rest of the presents are glitter pens and some mini nail varnish.

The calendar is now hung and the pressure is on for my daughter to be good till Christmas has being naughty means losing some presents....

17 November 2010


Well thanks to all of you for sharing your pictures on Flickr, you've given me lots of inspiration !
Here is what I have come up with so far. I am loving the hearts !!!

I did try and make a little house but I am not happy with the design, I shall try again this week.

I especially like this heart ribbon I found in France last year, I think it is beautiful.

13 November 2010

The cutest decorations

I have spent a little bit of time on Etsy and Flickr today and I have found a few really nice decorations.

HeartFeltHandmade obviously had some gorgeous items in her flickr gallerie. I especially like the little houses bellow. Do check her online shop on Etsy or blog, I just love what she does.

I also fell in love with those hearts and this Christmas pudding from SnowFish on Etsy, so cute !!!

And finally, I coud I not notice those adorable Caribous (from SnowFish too)!!!

Funilly enough both HeartFeltHandmade and Snowfish are in the UK, well done girls, you are two very talented Brits !

11 November 2010

Christmas countdown !

I was shocked to realise Christmas is only 6 weeks away ! We are having Christmas at our house this year and I have so much to do !!!

Being a list freak, I have made a few lists already: Christmas present list, Christmas card list, menu for christmas week, Christmas markets in the area...
Presents are nearly done, so is the menu for Christmas week, so it isn't all that bad... But I haven't started on the decorations yet, and that's the time consuming bit.

Having two young daughters, last year I decided that a children-proof tree would make more sense than using my highly breakable very expensive glass decorations....!
Being inspired by HeartFeltHandmade I tried my hands at making felt gingerbread men decorations. I loved making them, I found it very relaxing. I made so many that I eventually had to give some away !

This year I am going to try new designs and I am sure Etsy and Flickr will provide plenty of inspiration.

10 November 2010

At last !

cannot believe a whole month has passed since I last posted... I think I underestimated the time and energy required when moving with two kids. We have been in the new house for nearly 3 months, already, and we only just unpacked the last box at the week end !!! I have to admit, being pregnant does not help either... I am so so tired at the moment...

Needless to say I haven' t been doing much cooking or crafting for the past few weeks... I only managed to make this little felt Pumpkin hairclip for my daughter. I quite like it ! Just wish I had got round to making the complete pumpkin outfit for halloween. Well, maybe next year !!!

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