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11 November 2010

Christmas countdown !

I was shocked to realise Christmas is only 6 weeks away ! We are having Christmas at our house this year and I have so much to do !!!

Being a list freak, I have made a few lists already: Christmas present list, Christmas card list, menu for christmas week, Christmas markets in the area...
Presents are nearly done, so is the menu for Christmas week, so it isn't all that bad... But I haven't started on the decorations yet, and that's the time consuming bit.

Having two young daughters, last year I decided that a children-proof tree would make more sense than using my highly breakable very expensive glass decorations....!
Being inspired by HeartFeltHandmade I tried my hands at making felt gingerbread men decorations. I loved making them, I found it very relaxing. I made so many that I eventually had to give some away !

This year I am going to try new designs and I am sure Etsy and Flickr will provide plenty of inspiration.

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