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28 November 2010

Advent Calendar

When I was a little girl, every year my mum would create an advent calendar for me ! She would hang a wrapped ring or a wreath from the ceiling and attach 24 little presents to it !!! What a great memory I have of it... Everynight I got to look at all the presents and pick one, a very difficult choice for a child...

So obviously, now that I have children I have decided to keep this wonderful tradition. I only had one to prepare this year as my 16 month old probably will not be bothered.
My daughter is having a mini tree in her bedroom this year so most of the presents are mini Christmas decorations. The rest of the presents are glitter pens and some mini nail varnish.

The calendar is now hung and the pressure is on for my daughter to be good till Christmas has being naughty means losing some presents....

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