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2 August 2010

Noemie's Pirate Birthday Party

On saturday we had my daughter's fourth birthday party. The theme was set a long while ago and I have spend the last few month stocking items and researching the web for ideas. I have read blogs from many talented ladies along the way and discovered the world of dessert tables. It has been of great inspiration to me and I therefore decided to try and make one myself.

The colour scheme I picked was black, red and pink. It had to be piratey with a girlie touch ! I built the theme around a great digital collage sheet from CreationsByM on Etsy.

I used the designs from the collage sheet to create the invitations and a door sign to welcome the little guests.

Guests were handed a homemade eyepatch as they walked in.
The tissue paper pom-pom was made using Martha Stewart's tutorial.

The party was held outside, in our small garden where I tried to create a nice party atmosphere by setting up a buffet and decorating our daughter's tree house.

I made the banner using digital scrapbooking papers from MariekeVDesin on Etsy.

Water bottle labels and straw labels were created in Photoshop.
The windmills were made with scrapbooking paper (tutorial here). They were actually a great feature of the table as they kept spinning all through the windy afternoon.

I made the cake from a Debbie Brown design in her book Enchanted Cakes and I created the cookies to match the theme (thank you to all the ladies on Flickr for inspiring me).
The very cute Sail toppers were free printables from Cottage Industrialist.

The flag is an iron-on applique (skull and cross-bones design was found on the internet).
The bunting was made using the banner papers and free printables from Cottage Industrialist.

I had planned a few games to entertain our little pirates. The first one was a "Pin the pirate on the treasure" game found on ebay. The map was colourful and after the game we ended up using it as a background for pictures, sort of a little photo booth.

We also had a traditional "pass the parcel" game. But after a few layers of treats, our little pirates started unwrapping jigsaw pieces and a pirate letter indicating that the pieces should form the first clue of the treasure hunt !! At this point the children got very excited and started running everywhere in the garden, following the clues and eventually finding the treasure.

Inside the treasure chest were jute bags holding chocolate coins.

When the children started getting a bit tired we had them seat down for a little craft/colouring session. I had printed pirate colouring pages off the internet and prepared an easy telescope craft.
I think they enjoyed it and the quiet time was welcome before going back to the garden to play and eat the cake.

When it was time to leave, each guest got to choose a cookie and a windmill. They were also handed a party bag including a homemade Pirate book with colouring and games, some stickers and a ballon.

Noemie pretty much enjoyed her cookie too !


  1. that cake is unbelievable! how long did it take? i hope i get that good one day!


  2. did you make the treasure chest? its adorable!

  3. Thank you for your nice comments !
    The cake took HOURS to make (a whole day actually !) but I think it was worth it !
    I didn't make the treasure chest, we had it. It was given by the school and was originally full of books. Of course I made sure it was put away and kept in good condition for the party !!!

  4. That is THE best pirate ship cake ever! I love it!!! Great party. :)


  5. You really did such a beautiful job with this party!!
    (And thanks for adding me to your blog links!)

  6. What a gorgeous party! What's better than a girlie pirate! I'm founder of and would love to feature your party on our homepage in our Party of the Day. Please email me if you are interested. My email address is I see all the love that went into this! Best, Jillian

  7. I am having my daughters 5th birthday in a couple of weeks, absolutely love the banner. However i am having a challenge with time to accomplish this. Would you be interested in making them for me. Would love to hear back..... Your party has been so inspiring.. Please email me at
    Best Yesmin

  8. Hi, I am making a party blog for Indonesian children, If you kindly let me feature your party on my blog, I'll so excited. please send me your confirmation at

  9. Such a fun party!!
    Thank you so much for linking up tot he party! ;)



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