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4 August 2010

Tea bag cookies

This idea is from Kim of Frost Me. I couldn't resist when I saw them and even though there was no occasion to celebrate, I decided to make them yesterday evening and to take them to the office today. The tea break was a success and everybody enjoyed the cookies !!!
This is the perfect little gift and I am sure I'll make them again, maybe for Christmas.

Use your favorite cookie recipe and cut tea bags shape (it help is you have a tea bag to copy). Use a round icing tip to punch the little hole and bake.

Once cool dip in chocolate. Leave to dry overnight.

For the label I simply used some cupcake designs from the computer. I printed them on normal white paper and I then coloured the paper using tea bags ! Just leave a couple of bags to brew in a mug for a long time, once the tea is cold, use a tea bag to brush over the sheet of paper. Put the sheet to dry and voila !

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  1. these are adorable :) i'm going to make these for my niece's mad hatter tea party in october (i know, me and her mother start planning early, haha)


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