Easter Breakfast Tablescape

22 April 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter ! We certainly had a lot of fun egg hunting and chocolate eating ;)

Before introducing you to my next party theme (later this week !!) I just wanted to share a few pictures of our Easter Breakfast table.

For me, setting up a table nicely is always tricky because my little ones love to touch and move things around. So I never quite get the look that I want...
Therefore this year I decided I would do something nice for breakfast ! By setting it up the night before, I was able to put things the way I wanted without interruption or little hands moving things !!! I even managed to snatch a few pictures in the morning !!

Those little buns at the top are Hot Cross Buns. They are traditional at Easter time in the UK and we love them. I used this recipe and simply added more spices. They were delicious !

I reused the two Egg Cosies I made last year (DIY in this post) and even sewed three more so we all had one this year !

If you are wondering where I got the napkins then please read this previous post.

I found the cute bunny plates at Homegoods earlier this year.

{Easter} Custard Filled Chocolate Eggs !

17 April 2014

Since I have had a few questions about those Easter treats after posting the pictures on Facebook, I decided to write a quick post on them :) Mainly to let you know where I find the ingredients in the US !

The Custard filled Chocolate eggs are super easy to make really.
Buy hollow chocolate eggs, carefully cut open the top, and pour custard in ! Done :)
And I guarantee happy little faces when they get their hands on those !!!

Now about the two ingredients:
Big hollow chocolate eggs are easy to find in Europe at Easter time but some of my friends here didn't even know they existed... And then I realised that actually, no, you can't find them in any of our local supermarkets.
Same for the custard, a British vanilla pudding. Available in every shop in the UK but unknown in this part of the world.

So here is my secret: I buy custard regularly from Worldmarket. It's not cheap but it's a little taste of home and we sometimes have cravings !!!
And then, I was very happy to discover they sell all the european style chocolate eggs for Easter !
(I am not advertising this store in any way and I am not receiving any compensation. I am just happy to share the fact that this stores sells a lot of European style ingredients, especially at Easter and Christmas time)

I would love to know if you make them, so don't hesitate to leave me a comment !!!

You can see the rest of this Easter table here

{Pin of the week} Preppy Whale Party from Happy Wish Company

13 April 2014

This super sweet Whale party was featured on HWTM this week and instantly caught my eyes ! I love the bright colors and the simplicity of it. Follow the link for the full feature.

{Easter} Cute Bunnies Banner

11 April 2014

A while ago, as I was browsing the Pottery Barn website for some Easter inspiration, I came across this super sweet Bunny Bunting. I loved the idea and decided it would make a perfect Easter DIY project.
I am not the only one to have spotted this item apparently as I have seen a few Knock-off versions on blogs already!

I picked this design from the Silhouette store and used the Spring Fling Paper Pack from Oriental trading again (See previous post).

After cutting the bunny silhouettes, I simply hot glued them on some ric-rac ribbon.
I have seen people using cotton balls for the tails but I decided a soft and fluffy pompom would look better. I did not like the look of synthetic craft pompoms so I ended up making my own yarn pompoms and hot glued them onto the bunnies. And I got the exact look I was after :)

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. Items for review were provided by Oriental Trading at no cost. 

{Easter Craft} Bunny Treat Boxes DIY

8 April 2014

Those adorable Bunny Treat Boxes would make the perfect favors for Easter !
I fell in love with them and could not stop making more (OK I made 16 when I only really needed 5!!!) But I just had to try all the different color combinations :)

I created the design with my Silhouette software, so if you have a silhouette, send me a email and I will share the file ! With a cutting machine these boxes only take a minute to make.
However if you don't have a Silhouette, don't worry, I have created a template for you !

What you need:
Bunny box template
Assorted scrapbook paper
Candy (Packets of mini Easter M&Ms were the perfect fit)

For this project, I used the Spring Fling Paper Pack that the lovely people at Oriental Trading sent me a few weeks ago.
The colors were perfect for this project, bright and happy. And since it was a pack, the colors were coordinated and it was therefore super easy to match them.
The paper weight was just what I needed for the boxes. Easy to fold but still thick enough to hold the shape well.

How to:

Use the Bunny Box template to trace the box shape onto the scrapbook paper.
Cut the box, score and fold.
Glue the wings and let dry for a few minutes.
When dry, hold the two sides together and punch a hole in the "neck" of the bunny.
Fill with candy and tie a ribbon to close.

If, like me, you are using single sided paper, you may want to add an inlay of a contrasting color. This will give your bunny a pop of color and cute mis-matched ears.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. A paper pack was  provided by Oriental Trading at no cost. 

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{Easter} Napkins

7 April 2014

I found these adorable embroidered bunny napkins at WorldMarket and could not resist :)
My theme this year is Cute Bunnies so they fit in perfectly !!

As napkin rings I simply tied some raffia around and added a monogram tag. The letters for the tags are embossed on kraft paper (embossing tutorial here). I wanted to keep the tags simple to keep the embroidery as the main focal point.

Now they also sell other cute bunny items in this range and I think I am going to have to get the sweet egg cups too !! (they're on sale so I should, right ?)

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{Pin of the Week} Tic Tac Toe game idea from Anders Ruff

6 April 2014

This week I fell in love with this sweet game of "Dig" Tac Toe Anders-Ruff styled for a Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party !!
It's such a clever idea to use colored dinosaur instead of the usual Os and Xs.
The rest of the party is amazing of course and the printables are spot on for a little boy's party. I love it.

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