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10 February 2015

{Party} A Pow Wow 3rd Birthday at the Beach

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of helping my dear friend Benedicte from Plan4You with the preparations for her son's 3rd birthday.

Benedicte decided on a gorgeous orange and teal palette which I absolutely adore ! It makes me smile every time I see the pictures, I just love those colors together.
She went for a pow wow/dreamcatcher theme which I thought was perfect for a third birthday, so playful.

While I helped with all the paper crafts, Benedicte worked her magic at baking and created those amazing cookies and the fabulous cake.

The beach location was truly gorgeous (what a backdrop !) and nothing can beat this January California weather :)

Benedicte handmade this blue dreamcatcher for the backdrop and quite a few more as favors for the guests! 

I will be posting some "behind the scene" details later this week.

Styling, Photography, Baking: Plan4You
Additional Photography: Lilla Kukno Photography
Cupcake toppers, birthday hat, tassel garland: That Cute Little Cake


  1. I really like the feathers. Did you use a cricut or a die to make them?

  2. Hi Andrea, I used my silhouette and you can find all the details in this post:


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