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14 January 2015

Cupid's Arrow Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day is just one month away so time to get the parties going !!! This week I am attending the BASH conference and while I am gone, I thought I would leave you with pictures from a party I styled last year.

We hosted a Valentine's Day playdate and that has to be one of the best parties we've had. Is was far less stressful than organizing a Birthday party and it was all very relaxed. The children made cards and played outside all afternoon (thanks to the lovely Californian weather in February) and the moms just enjoyed a few hours of chatting and catching up !

Here is the treat table I had prepared for them, I hope you will enjoy the pictures.
The theme was "Cupid's Arrow" and I really enjoyed working with a color palette of red, gold and white.

I dressed the heart chocolates with a simple craft: 
washi taped cocktail picks and glittery hearts and arrow ends.

Red velvet Cupcakes

Styling and Photography: That Cute Little Cake

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