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18 June 2014

{One week to…Design a Girls Night Picnic} Menu

Having lined my baskets (see yesterday's post) I need to fill them with some lovely treats (of course I am the one bringing dessert !).
One requisite though: that those treats be gluten free.

Since the drink for the night is going to be Pimm's (British cocktail where the liquor Pimm's is mixed with lemon soda and to which fresh berries and mint are added), I decided to keep a British treat on menu and went for Eton Mess (lovely combination of fresh strawberries, whipped cream and meringue…). Not only is this a simple option to make (you just have to whip the cream !), it also easy enough to transport.

The second treat I will be putting in my baskets is French Macarons (now you see what I am going to fill those cute little pail boxes with…!!!). The beauty of those delicious treats is that they are made with almond flour, so they are naturally gluten free :)

(I found the Meringues and Macarons at my local Trader Joe's)

One week to… Design a Girls Nights Picnic 

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