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19 June 2014

{One week to…Design a Girls Night Picnic} DIY Labels

Labels are a perfect little details to tie a theme together.
Of course they are not really "needed"… they are just so pretty they're essential to have :)

Now all you need is some scissors and cute scrapbook papers.
I found these 2 American Crafts mini paper packs at Target the other day and some of the papers match my fabric's colors perfectly. There are even pre-made "Hello" labels in the Spring pack !

So now is the time to think about packaging your treats.
My macarons are going into cute little pail boxes, so I cut simple rectangle labels from a yellow and white stripe paper and stamped "macarons" on it. I then use orange washi tape to attach the label to the box.

For my Eton Mess, I am going to have the cream and crushed meringue in mini jars, so I punched some circles to go on top of the jars and again, used stamps to add the treat name.
The strawberries will go into the chevron treat cups (see Tuesday's post for my shopping list).

To embellish the drink mason jars, I used the cute "Hello" labels form the spring paper pack and tied them to the jar with some yellow twine.

 I also added a splash of color to the lids by gluing some wide yellow and white striped card circles.

 Finally, I decided to add a little packet of nuts as a savory snack.

I used some pretzel bags and added a simple bag topper by folding a piece of card over the top.
Here is a little tutorial on how I attach my bag toppers. I don't like the staples to show on the front so I use double sided tape on the front part (I think the staples are still needed to shut the bag properly, I have tried double sided tape on both back and front but it does not look as nice).

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the result of all these preparations :)

One week to… Design a Girls Nights Picnic 

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