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31 July 2013

{Jake Neverland Pirates} Chocolate Tiki

Very early on I decided I should have some Tikis on my Jake and the Neverland Pirates dessert table.
The Tiki allowing Jake to enter the hideout is a key character to the story, and we also get to see the Tiki forest regularly in the show.

From past experiences, I know that kids get crazy for little chocolates in cute shapes, so I anticipated chocolate Tikis to be a success (and so they were, all gone in a few minutes !).

However I was disappointed to realize nobody sells chocolate Tikis online... I could have had them ordered from some chocolatiers on Etsy who do custom orders, but they would have cost me a small fortune (and by now you know I try and stay reasonable with the budget...).

So I started looking for a Tiki mold (which I found on Amazon here) and watching videos on how to temper chocolate, a process I was dreading...
Well I am pleased to report I found the perfect video demonstrating how to temper chocolate WITHOUT a thermometer ! It is so well explained that, believe it or not, I managed to make perfect chocolates the first time I tried !!! (I wasn't so lucky the second time though as I overcooked the chocolate in the bain marie. I would recommend using a microwave instead as shown in the video)

Video from Recipes 4 Us on YouTube.

I hope you will give tempering chocolate a try as it opens the door to so many possibilities and party themes !

Many thanks to Recipes4you for such a good tutorial.


  1. Qué divertidos te han quedado genial.

  2. Wonderful!!! I'll definitely include those chocolates to my table in my daughter's birthday! By the way, where did you find the wooden Tiki??

  3. Thank you ! I was very lucky to have a friend going to Hawaii a few weeks before the party and she very kindly brought the Tiki back for me ! However, I have seen similar ones on ebay at a reasonable price, try this link:
    Hope this helps !
    Don't forget to check out the Jake and the neverland pirates Party pictures to see the end result !


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