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29 July 2013

{Jake Neverland Pirates} Captain Hook Cake Pops

And another party done for this year ! I spent the last week stressing over all the details, but in the end I think it looked pretty good...
After a day of tidying and cleaning (!) the house is back to normal and there are no more pirate things to be seen! I just need a few good nights sleep to get back to normal myself :)

So I thought today I would give you a little sneak peak at the dessert table as well as a cute craft to accessorize some Captain Hook cake pops !!
I found the idea for the cake pops on Pinterest here and since I wanted the old crook to be represented on the dessert table, this seemed perfect.

However, I really liked the idea of having the cuffs on the pops as well so this is what I did:

Red construction paper
(and tape, scissors, pencil)

How to:
Hand draw the shape for the red sleeve from the construction paper (the size will depend on the size of your cake pops, so it's better to draw the shape once you have them).

Cut your doily in 4 quarters and pre cut a hole on each quarter as indicated bellow, ready for the sticks to go through.

Wrap the doily piece around the cake pop and secure with a little tape at the back.

Now wrap the red paper and adjust until it looks like a sleeve. Secure with tape at the back.

To make sure the sleeve does not slide down, secure the back of the sleeve to the stick with tape.


  1. Qué buenísima idea te han quedado genial y muy originales.

  2. These are so effective, what a fantastic idea! So easy to make and they look fantastic...that makes a great party treat! The doily looks great!

  3. I just saw these on The Girl Creative features list... omg, how cute!! My son's second birthday is coming up in Nov, and I may have to do a pirate theme just so I can make these! Pinning so I don't forget!

  4. Is the hook rolled fondant?

  5. Hi, how do you get the fondant hook to stay inside the cake pop? What are the steps or just to stick it inside the pop without it breaking?

  6. Hi
    I did not make the cake pops for this birthday but I think the hooks are attached when the candy coating is still wet.
    I hope this helps


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