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18 September 2012

{Ice Cream Party} Blackboard sign tutorial

From the moment I started planning this party, I knew I wanted a cute blackboard for the stand. Problem is: my writing is awful, and even more so when armed with a chalk !!!
So I had to think of another way....

I designed the sign in Photoshop and wrote in white on a black background.
The font I used is Chalkduster and can you believe the doodles are a font too (it's called MTF Sweet Dings) ?
I printed the sign on premium paper (I would recommend having it printed in a shop as it will use a lot of ink...) and trimmed off the white edges.

Then I cut a thin piece of wood the size of my sheet of paper and painted it black.

The final step is really easy: just mod-podge the sheet on the board and give it a couple of coats of varnish to make it more hardwearing.
I hammered a couple of nails at the back and used rustic twine to hang the sign to the stand.

If you do not wish to design the blackboard yourself, check the Paper Glitter Etsy shop as they’ve just released a choice of adorable printable chalkboards... (I heart this shop)

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