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4 September 2012

{Craft} DIY Mini Cupcake Stands

When I first saw a tutorial to make these mini cupcake stands over at The TomKat Studio, I knew straight away I was going to make them one day !
Well this day has come, I have made a few of these in preparation for my daughter's Ballerina Party (read about some other projects for this party here). Aren't they just so cute ???

Here is what you will need:

Mini wooden candlesticks (about 3")
76mm Wooden circles (From Wood Craft Shapes on ebay)
Wood glue
Sanding paper
Paper and pencil

Unfortunately, I was not able to source the mini wooden candlesticks from the UK, I just couldn't find them anywhere. Instead I had one of my friends bring them back from her holiday in the US... They're from Hobby Lobby.
But please, if you know where to find them in the UK, share in the comment section and I'll update the post.

Because I am a bit of a perfectionist, I had to find a way to position the candlesticks bang in the middle of the wooden circles. Here is how I did it.
Take a sheet of paper and with a pencil draw around the shapes of the wood circle and the end of the candlestick.
Cutout the two templates.
Fold in half and then in half again so as to get quarters.
Position the small shape on the bigger one, matching the corners, and draw around it.
Cutout the small shape.
Unfold and use as a template to draw a small circle shape on the wooden circles.
Apply some glue on the end of the candlestick and position the candlestick on the small circle.
Hold in place for a few seconds.
Let dry as per manufacturer's instructions
When dry, spray paint them in the colour of your choice.
Distress with sanding paper if you wish.
Embelish as you want !!

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  1. What a fun cupcake stand! I love the pink pom poms. I'm always looking for creative inspiration when I put together original cupcake stands. This would look perfect at a tea party.

    I wanted to invite you to link up your project on my blog's link party this week. I think it would be great inspiration for my readers.

    Thanks so much for sharing such a great idea!

  2. So sweet, love the pompous, lace might be pretty too! Thanks for posting these.

  3. Very Cool And Very Pretty


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