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7 June 2012

Interview with Bird from Bird's Party

Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing Bird from Bird's Party.

I discovered Bird's Party a few months ago and I have been admiring Bird's work ever since. She is well know for her beautiful party printables and I am sure you have seen some of her recent features such as her Rule Britannia Party on Amy Atlas

or her gorgeous Milk and Cookies Valentine feature on Pizzazzerie

Her blog is an endless source of party inspiration and tutorials. And I have been lucky enough to recently write a tutorial (the fondant Union Jack cupcake topper) for her series "Cake it Pretty"

She is also the editor of the amazing Bird's Party Magazine, an online magazine packed with party ideas and stunning features. I am so looking forward to reading the next issue in the fall.

Bird was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about her.

An Interview with Bird

Hi Bird
Thank you so much for taking part to this little interview ! You are such an inspiration to me and I am dying to read your best tips and trade secrets !!! 

Thank you for the love my friend, not sure I have any actual trade secrets but I'll try my best! ;)

I think what I would most like to know first is how it all started for you? How did you first stumble upon the world of beautiful parties?

As a mom, finding unique party supplies for my kids’ birthdays that appealed both to my creativity and budget was proving to be quite a challenge here in France, so I resorted to designing my own. The beauty of party printables is that they’re an affordable luxury!

Through blogging, I realized there were many moms in the same situation - they enjoyed creating something beautiful and unique for their kids’ parties without spending a fortune. I then got to discovering the world of Dessert tables and styled parties through famous blogs like Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas or HWTM.

What was the first party or dessert table you designed and what was the occasion?

It was my Bollywood Bling Collection for my wedding anniversary.

What inspires you when you design a party or a dessert table ? 

It all varies from party to party. It can be a theme, color, a dessert, a piece of clothing, a fabric pattern, an image that I see in a magazine, or even a piece of music! 
But if a customer already has a particular theme in mind, then I start designing the background pattern first, and looking at colors and fonts.

What is you favourite part of the design process? And what is the most stressful time for you ?

I love the initial stages of design when I sketch in pencil the main design icons. Then transferring that to a digital format and seeing it come to life on the screen. 

A little stress is always good to keep me on my toes, but sometimes I have a hard time saying no, so I can find myself with several projects to design at once and a tight deadline.

What would be your favourite or most essential piece of kit when putting together a dessert table?

I'd have to say the desserts off course! Though I'm a printable designer, I feel the food should be the star of any desserts table, and the printables should have the "best supporting role" to help personalize your table and bring the theme to life!

What’s in the pipeline now ?

Crazy busy with magazine Fall Issue designs, and a couple of little surprise projects! ;) 

Your favourite sweet ?

I don't like sweets (candy)! Shocked?! :)
I like desserts - Anything chocolate and chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting are a particular fave of mine! 

Thank you so much Bird !
Bird's Party Blog


  1. Gosh, my party photography has improved a bit since my early days huh? :)

    Ty again for the lovely invite and for such a fun interview!!

  2. Loved the interview! Thank you so much! As a newbie to the blogging/party planning world it was inspiring. :-) Heidi Rew from

    1. So glad you felt inspired ! Looking forward to seeing your next parties !!!


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