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30 April 2012

{The Pink Week} Delicate Rose Cupcakes

Don't you think these cupcakes would be perfect for Mothers' Day? They are delicate and feminine, and of course delicious!

Cupcakes like these are not difficult to achieve. You just need a good recipe, the right piping nozzle and a little technique to make the sugarpaste roses.

My favourite "grown-up" cake recipe is chocolate mud cake. It works equally well for cakes and cupcakes. I use this recipe. Remember to adapt the baking time for cupcakes, 20-25 minutes.
For the frosting, I have been using Glorious Treat's recipe for the past year, with great success. Find her delicious cream cheese frosting recipe here.

You need a closed star tip like the Wilton 2D to achieve this beautiful swirl.
Again, I refer you to Glorious Treat, she has a great tutorial on her blog and even a video.

For the fondant decorations you will need:
White fondant (sugarpaste)
Food paste colouring (I used dusky rose and green)
A freezer bag (ziploc bag)
Some icing sugar
A rolling pin
A leaf rose cutter

For the roses:
Colour some sugarpaste pink.
Sift some icing sugar in a freezer bag.
Follow this technique to make the rose petals (I use a ziploc bag here but any plastic bag will do).
Assemble the rose petals as you go, they will stick easily when "fresh".
Leave the roses to dry.
Don't be put off, this is really easy. And once you master this technique you can create magnificent roses.

For the leaves:
Colour some sugarpaste green.
Roll with a rolling pin and use a rose leaf cutter to cut out a small leaf.
Leave to dry.

Pipe the swirls of Cream Cheese Frosting and press in a leaf at the top and then a rose.

Voila ! Your guests will be amazed at your talent !
How about presenting it in a tea cup for an elegant high tea feel ?

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  1. I love the fondant rose. I need to try this! Absolutely beautiful!

    1. You should give them a go, they really are quite easy to make.

  2. STUNNING as usual!! Will be sharing on FB! ;)


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