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1 October 2011

{Party} Chloe's Rainbow Party

I decided on the theme for this party months ago when I first spotted the now famous layered rainbow cake. I was really excited by the idea of making this cake for my daughter, I figured a 2 year old would love such a colorful cake.

The sign was created using a free coloring page from Style me gorgeous 
as the template for the rainbow

So here are all the pictures and details of the party, hope you will enjoy them !

We decorated the house with lots of colorful garlands. I made them by sewing some circles of paper together. This was so easy. Making the circles was a bit time consuming, but making the garlands only took a few minutes. Just feed the circles one by one in the sewing machine, and make the garlands as short or as long as you want. You can also drop as many stitches as you want in between circles.

I tend to always have a little craft available for the children. That way they can escape from the party madness for a few minutes if they so wish. Since the guests were all very young, I kept the craft simple. I prepared some cotton wool and bits of tissue paper for them to glue on rainbows. 

I set the drinks on a table outside. I made all the labels for the party myself. The glass bottle is actually a Paul Smith limited edition from Evian. Couldn't have found a better match to the party !

I created the birthday banner using digital papers from PixelPaperPrints on Etsy.
I made the paper flowers with different types of paper (plain coloured, printed with the same paper as the banner and I also found some shimmery papers in a craft store). There is a tutorial for similar flowers on Martha Stewart here.

I designed the cupcake toppers too, apart from the rainbow ones which are free printables from the TomKat Studio. 

Now for the cake. A week before the party I still wasn't sure about the cake decoration. There was going to be enough colour on the table and I wanted it to stand out. So I was going for a white cake, but how exactly, I did not know.
As I was browsing some favourite blogs, I came across a cake from Sweetapolita and I knew straight away this was the perfect cake for me ! She had made a rainbow cake, covered it in withe fondant and had a daughter draw on it !!! The result was brilliant.
Chloe was too young to draw on her cake so I asked her big sister if she would doodle on the cake and she accepted straight away ! She was so excited to be able to join in with the preparations.

And finally the birthday girl and her big sister:

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  1. Soooo sweet!! Those paper flowers are AWESOME!

    Thank you so much for linking up tot he party! ;)



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