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7 October 2011

{How to} Make colored sugar

Last week I baked some cupcakes for a Macmillan fundraising Coffee morning organized by a friend.
I decided to stick to the charity color which is a bright green. I used the cupcake toppers I designed (free printable here) and I decided to sprinkle the cupcakes' white vanilla icing with some homemade green sugar (sorry no pics, forgot to take some shots before I sent the cakes away...).

Here is how to make color sugar. Choose any color, even bright ones. I was pleasantly surprised to see they do not run on the icing at all.

What you need
Some granulated sugar (the picture shows a packet of fine caster sugar, this is what I used first but the result wasn't good for sprinkling, you need some coarse sugar)
Gel coloring
A plastic bag
Cocktail sticks

How to
Pour as much sugar as you need in the bag
Drop in some gel coloring using a cocktail stick
Close the bag and "massage" the color in the sugar

Once the color is uniform, spread the sugar in a dish to dry for a few hours.
If you need the sugar to dry quickly, you may place the dish in the oven on a very low temperature setting (like 50 degree C).

And voila: colored sugar !

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