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5 October 2011

{Shop} Edible markers

I usually try and make do with I have or what I can find locally, but when I decided on the doodle cake I chose to follow the advice of Sweetapolita and ordered a pack of AmeriColor Gourmet Writer food decorating pens.
I have used edible markers before, but I wasn't impressed. I found the tip too hard and the result was a dent in the fondant every time I used them.

But I have to say I so please with the AmeriColor ones. The colors are bright and the writing is excellent. I followed Sweetapolita's advice and cooled the cake for a few hours in the refrigerator before my daughter drew on it. And it worked perfectly.
I ordered them through The Cake Decorating Company on ebay uk. They were dispatched the same day and delivered the next ! Can't beat that.

Sweetapolita's cake
Doodled on by her 4 year old daughter ! Isn't she clever ?

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