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Hi and welcome to That Cute Little Cake ! This is my creative outlet where I share my party adventures !!

It all started a few years ago when the time came to celebrate my daughter's first birthday. I have always been a good baker but at the time I had no idea how to decorate a cake... so I bought one. It was awful ! Granted, it looked good, but the cake itself was horrible.
That year I decided to enroll in a cake decorating class so I could learn how to make beautiful cakes for my children.

In a matter of a few months I was hooked! But what started as a passion for cake decorating soon evolved into the addiction of styling dessert table !!!

Today I have three children and we have numerous reasons to celebrates life's little (and big) moments. We love parties and I enjoy creating memories they will keep for years to come.

Here are some of my projects, I hope you will enjoy reading about them. 

Thanks for stopping by ! 

You can see my parties here and a list of my recipes here.

I love reading your comment on the blog so please keep them coming !
You can also contact me at ThatCuteLittleCake {AT} gmail {DOT} com


  1. Carrie in Canberra Australia13 July 2012 at 18:04

    Hi Virginie,
    Love the new look site!
    Some fab new recipes & party pieces!
    Well done you!

  2. Virginie,
    What a beautiful blog you have here, filled with such beautiful creations. I sure will be hanging out here a lot! I hope to share ideas with you as well. Come visit me sometime @

  3. I love to have found your blog :-) I think all of your ideas is filled with joy and I always get a smile on my face when ever I look at your great ideas :D

  4. Thank you all for such nice comments !!! Getting somebody to smile while reading the blog is definitely the ultimate achievement !!!
    Hope to see you here often


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