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30 September 2014

Chloe's Mermaid Party

We celebrated Chloe's 5th Birthday in style this year with a Mermaid Birthday Party.
It has to be one of the girliest parties I have styled so far and I loved it ! The color palette of Aqua, Blue and Purple was a delight to work with :)

I hope you will enjoy the pictures !

You can find a Ribbon Chandelier Tutorial here.

Read all about my shopping list, including this amazing Mermaid giant wall sticker here

Little pots of Custard.

Vanilla Cupcakes

For activities, the girls enjoyed having their face painted and we also made Headbands decorated with tulle rosettes and glittered shells. This was a big success !

But our main craft was a Sand Art activity which I will be writing about in another post later this week.

Styling, Baking, Printables: That Cute Little Cake
Photography: Lilla Kuknyo Photography
Party Supplies (Including giant backdrop sticker): Mermaids Under the Sea range by Birthday Express

 DIY Ribbon Chandelier Tutorial
Mermaids Welcome Sign DIY

Link Parties

Disclosure: All words and opinions are my completely my own. Items for review were provided by Birthday Express at no cost. No other type of compensation was received for this review.


  1. What an adorable Mermaid Party!!! I love the cake!!

  2. Love this party - the colors are fantastic. Love the cookies especially!

  3. Beautiful party! Where did you get all of the different banners? Did you make them?

  4. Hi Stephanie ! Yes I made the tassel garland and paper bunting myself.

  5. Would you be willing to make the same garland and sell it to me, please?

  6. Hi Shauna, I am sorry but I don't have a store. However here is a link for a tassel tutorial, I got the supplies from Michael's
    I hope this helps

  7. Where did you find/buy the headbands?

  8. Hi Carol, I got the headbands from Jo Ann, they were in the dollar bins !!! last I went they were still selling them !

  9. How did you make the custard?

  10. Hi Christy
    I bought the Custard ready made (Ambrosia brand, cans) at Worldmarket

  11. Hi! I fell in love with your party and you make it so easy to recreate. Thank you.

    Where did you get the children's furniture from? Rent, borrow, buy? All suggestions welcome!


  12. Hi Sara
    the tables were from Costco (lifetime brand, that you can adjust in height with a low position for children) and the stools are from IKEA

  13. Do you have the printable signs available?

  14. Sorry the printables are not available at this time.

  15. Wonderful review!:) Thank's for your sharing!:) Lot's inspiration!:)
    MyPartyWear - hen night badges

  16. I am looking to make the cake and I was wondering if you remember how many circles it took to make the cake? Also, is that an 8inch round or 10?

  17. Hi Jordan.
    It was a 6inch cake I think. I have no idea how many circles I used.... I just kept making them. It is easier to use them "fresh" rather than dry as you risk breaking dry circles when applying them...
    I hope this help.


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