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17 April 2014

{Easter} Custard Filled Chocolate Eggs !

Since I have had a few questions about those Easter treats after posting the pictures on Facebook, I decided to write a quick post on them :) Mainly to let you know where I find the ingredients in the US !

The Custard filled Chocolate eggs are super easy to make really.
Buy hollow chocolate eggs, carefully cut open the top, and pour custard in ! Done :)
And I guarantee happy little faces when they get their hands on those !!!

Now about the two ingredients:
Big hollow chocolate eggs are easy to find in Europe at Easter time but some of my friends here didn't even know they existed... And then I realised that actually, no, you can't find them in any of our local supermarkets.
Same for the custard, a British vanilla pudding. Available in every shop in the UK but unknown in this part of the world.

So here is my secret: I buy custard regularly from Worldmarket. It's not cheap but it's a little taste of home and we sometimes have cravings !!!
And then, I was very happy to discover they sell all the european style chocolate eggs for Easter !
(I am not advertising this store in any way and I am not receiving any compensation. I am just happy to share the fact that this stores sells a lot of European style ingredients, especially at Easter and Christmas time)

I would love to know if you make them, so don't hesitate to leave me a comment !!!

You can see the rest of this Easter table here

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