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22 April 2014

Easter Breakfast Tablescape

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter ! We certainly had a lot of fun egg hunting and chocolate eating ;)

Before introducing you to my next party theme (later this week !!) I just wanted to share a few pictures of our Easter Breakfast table.

For me, setting up a table nicely is always tricky because my little ones love to touch and move things around. So I never quite get the look that I want...
Therefore this year I decided I would do something nice for breakfast ! By setting it up the night before, I was able to put things the way I wanted without interruption or little hands moving things !!! I even managed to snatch a few pictures in the morning !!

Those little buns at the top are Hot Cross Buns. They are traditional at Easter time in the UK and we love them. I used this recipe and simply added more spices. They were delicious !

I reused the two Egg Cosies I made last year (DIY in this post) and even sewed three more so we all had one this year !

If you are wondering where I got the napkins then please read this previous post.

I found the cute bunny plates at Homegoods earlier this year.

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