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22 December 2013

{Craft} Christmas Stockings

What I have been up to these past couple of weeks ???
Well, besides the seasonal madness of getting the house ready, ordering a million presents and of course attending the usual school parties and end of year shows, I have tried to finish some well overdue Christmas projects !

I went on a Stocking workshop at The Sewing Cafe last year (read about it here) and after sewing my very first stocking I promised myself I would make one for each one of us. Of course since we moved just before Christmas a year ago I never got to finish these projects.

So here is what I have been doing all week ! A cute little family of stockings !!!
I love them all although the grey one is probably my favourite !

For my little boy Romain:
(I bought the fabric on a market in the UK)

For Chloe:
(Fabric and pompom trim for Jo-Ann)

For my husband:
(Fabric from Jo-Ann)

For me !!!
I did not want a Christmassy stocking and decided to just go for a fabric I liked. I picked this lovely purple blossom fabric at Jo-Ann and found the perfect silver and pink chevron to match !

And last but not least, here is the stocking I made a year ago for my daughter Noemie:
You can read the original post here.

Which one is your favourite ???

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