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5 September 2013

{Craft} DIY Lanyards

So if you read my previous post, you'll know I gave out Detective ID badges as invitations for the Detective party ! They were such a hit actually ! It makes me so very happy when I get the effect I was after... Our little invitees were super excited to get them and even more so when they realized they each got a different one !

When I decided to create the badges as invitations, I initially started a shopping list: lanyards, badge holders.... Then as I was out shopping, I realised I was never going to be able to buy 8 different cute lanyard, the ones I could find were all solid colors, not fun at all !! I also realised that badge holders came in big packs ! What was I going to do with 25 or 50 holders when I only needed 8...?
I was going to have to spend around $20 for "not fun looking" lanyard and more badge holders that I could ever need !!! I would much rather spend the money on favors or detective kits for the children.

Therefore I decided I was going to make them myself! After all, since we're only having a small gathering (only 8 children in all), making 8 lanyard was feasible.
And the best thing about this project is that, in the end, it cost me NOTHING !!! My supply cupboard is so well stocked with ribbons, scrapbook papers and "stuff" that I had all I needed right there !

I hope you'll be inspired to make your own lanyards too, they are really fun for the children to play with, and you can change the badges for different scenarios (doctor, police, secret agent...). I know for sure ours will get used over and over again after the party.

You will need:
Keyring kit (rings and hooks). I got mine from Michael's a few month ago.
Optional: Embellishment  (I cut out scrapbook paper flowers using my silhouette)

Thread and needle

How to:
Put a lanyard hook on one of the rings.
Pass the ribbon through the ring (I used 70 cm of ribbon for each lanyard) and position the ring halfway through.
Stitch the two halves of ribbon just above the ring.
Close the loop by stitching the two ribbon ends together.
If using an embellishment, sew or hot glue it on the ribbon.

And you're done !! Such a quick project !


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