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3 September 2013

{Detective Party} Invitations

I am designing this Detective Party to be for older children. Noemie is going to be 7, and for the first time, we have decided to invite only children her age. The main reason for that is that we need the children to be able to read to help solve the mystery.
Until now, we have always had younger siblings turning up at our parties, and to be honest, not only was it fine, I was totally expected them to show up !
But how do you tell parents that you'd rather not have the little sisters and brothers crashing the party without hurting their feelings...???

Well I thought that sending a completely personalised invitation to each guest would be an ideal way. So I came up with these Detective ID card.
Not only does it create a little bit of expectation for the party, it also kind of says: "if you get a badge, then you're on the guest list" !!!

The front is the ID card (I had the mums send me some pictures !) and I added the party details at the back.

Come back later this week for a tutorial on how to make these cute lanyards.


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