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26 August 2013

We're having a Detective Party !!!

My eldest daughter usually chooses her birthday theme pretty early in the year and does not change her mind.
For her 4th birthday, as we started discussing themes ahead of the party, she decided on a Pirate Party straight away and never went back on her decision.
For her 5th birthday, she announced in January that she wanted her party (in september...!) to be based on one of her favourite books: We're going on a bear hunt. Since I was a bit clueless with the theme, I tried to see if she might change her mind... She wouldn't, her mind was set. So we had a We're Going on a Bear Hunt party !!! (and it really was such a fun theme in the end).
Last year, for her 6th birthday, she had a Ballerina Party and I am pretty sure that the theme for that year was decided right after her 5th birthday !!!

But this year, she just couldn't find THE theme ! We've been talking about it all year, running through ideas, but nothing we came up with seemed to fit. At some point she asked if we could take a few of her friends bird watching, and since we live very close to the Bay it would have been a great activity, but by the next morning she had changed her mind.
So until the beginning of the summer, we did not know what we were going to do !

And then one day, on our way back from the library, we had a revelation :) Noemie has been devouring mystery books all year and has especially enjoyed reading the A to Z Mysteries series !
Our theme was found at last !!! It would be a Detective Party !!!
I have been so excited about this theme that I started crafting for it the day after Chloe's Pirate party! I couldn't wait to get started.

With a general Detective/Mystery theme, I am pretty free to do what I want for the decorations, but since her favourite series is the A to Z mysteries I have tried to work around those books.

The first thing I noticed is the multi coloured title. I really liked the idea of being able to use lots of colours.
Then each book has a different mystery to solve (always featuring the same 3 kid characters) giving me loads of options for the elements I will display on the dessert table.

This is going to be so much fun to prepare !!! I can't wait to show you all the things I have started crafting for this party !

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