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27 August 2013

{Detective Party} Let's start crafting !

Today I am sharing my colour scheme and the main craft supplies I'll be using to craft for the Detective party!

I have been wanting to use Washi tape for a long time but unfortunately our previous party themes did not seem to call for the use of it... So this time, get ready for Washi overload because I am pretty much "washiing" everything I am doing for this party !!!
Since I wanted to use different colors throughout the party, the use of Washi tape fits in perfectly! I got a small assortment from Michael's and, dare I say, I LOVE the result !!!

My daughter being a right little bookworm, I imagined straight away using book pages for the decorations. So I went to the Goodwill store and got a nice thick book with a good looking font for $2. I had a hard time (emotionally) tearing the cover and first pages off ( I have this thing about books, I always cherish them like the most precious things!) but then I got excited about the possibilities and started crafting !!

And this is pretty much all the supplies I have bought so far for this party !!!

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