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13 August 2013

{Jake Neverland Pirates} Free Printables - Party Games labels

How about some cute Party Games labels today ??

The Knock the Pirates over was a hit with the children ! Especially my 2 year old son and his 2 year old buddy !! They were so adorable aiming at the cans over and over again :)

The treasure dig was a lot of fun too. Our little guests had to find hidden Golden Doubloons in the sand to use them in our Pirate shop (more on that very soon...).

Click on the link below to download the labels.


  1. pirate party Entertainment Emporium will thrill the littlies with their range of ideas. Who knows – one day your child could be a pop superstar, maybe even win The X Factor, thanks to the inspiration they got at a disco party for kids.

  2. Such a cute game idea! Did you make the labels you put around the cans? I'd love to do it, but am not very computer-literate!

  3. Hi Katie
    to make the can labels I simply imported some character clipart's in Powerpoint and colored the background in different colors depending on the character. These were simple to make.
    Find the link to the cliparts in this post:


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