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24 July 2013

{Jake Neverland Pirates} Birthday Banner

This is the banner I created for my daughter Chloe's Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.

I was inspired by this Disney Channel logo and decided to create a banner with different items from the show for each letter.

The letter C is Izzy's bandana from the clipart  below. I touched it up in Photoshop to make the edges nice where the ear was covering it.

I created the letter H in photoshop to make it look like a map. I used a clever little doodle font called Ptits Pirates for the pirate elements (islands, chest, compass).

The L is the corner of the frame in the clipart below. I added some tropical leaves that I found in the Silhouette store.
The O is a cutout from the Silhouette store again to which I added a little clipart of Skully.
And finally the E is simply a piece of black cardboard cut to look like a flag with a cutout of a letter E (font is Pirate Bay).

Sooo, what do you think ??

1 comment :

  1. love it wish I could have one made for my son


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