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17 May 2013

{Craft} How to create a City Cake Pop Display

Hope you enjoyed the Fireman Birthday Party pictures yesterday !
Here is how I made the city backdrop I used as cake pop display.

- Sourcing the grey wrapping paper was not so easy. I do understand why nobody wants to wrap presents in grey (it sure does not scream fun !!!) but I really wanted this color....
Anyway, after searching high and low and visiting all the local party stores, I found mine at Paper Source and it was well worth the $5 a roll. The paper is thick and has a lovely matt finish, exactly what I needed for this project.
- The foam blocks I kept from my craft furniture delivery a few weeks ago ! The boxes were full of blocks in different sizes, just what I needed :)

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  1. I loved your party post and the backdrop was amazing thanks for showing me how to do this - I will keep this in mind for my next party :) I love a backdrop! xx

  2. This is so clever! Love the flames on top, too. :-)

  3. I LOVE this idea! My son is having a firefighter birthday party next weekend. I am soooo doing this backdrop. Thank you for the notes on where to get the grey wrapping paper! Was trying to figure out where I could find it! Thankfully it looks like there is a Paper Source not too far from where I'm hoping to go on Saturday with my family. Should work out great!!! Thank you thank you for all your cute tutorials!!!

  4. Hi Ashley !
    I am so glad I could help ;)
    Let me know how you get on.
    Good luck with the party and thank you for your kind words

  5. Hello. I love this idea. what are the flames made of? How did you get the flames to stand up?

  6. Never mind. I see the tutorial. Thank you.


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