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15 April 2013

{Fireman Party} About the fire engine cake...

So as you know, next week I will be attempting to make a fire truck cake (wish me luck !). The design (from Debbie Brown) is the same as the cake below which I made 3 years ago for a friend's son. At the time I was cake decorating on a regular basis and it still took me forever to complete the fire engine. Now that I have been out of practice for so long, I wonder how long it's going to take me !!!

So today I wanted to talk to you about cakes and dessert tables.
In my opinion, 3D cakes like the one above don't go well with dessert tables. Tables usually include loads of sweet treats, sometimes even lunch boxes or drinks, so I think such cakes get lost in the design... Shame since they take ages to make and are so beautiful.

This is the pirate table I did for my eldest daughter's 4th Birthday (my first ever dessert table!). Even though the display is pretty simple, I don't think my cake really stands out. Granted my picture isn't the best, but still, that cake is amazing on its own, it does not need other bits and pieces around it.
(Do you know it actually took me a whole day to decorate it ?)

However I think you'll agree more conventional decorated cakes (often round, tiered or not) look fantastic on dessert table. They usually tie the whole theme together and make the display fit for big celebrations such as weddings.

Love this styled shoot found here

So since I decided to make a 3D fire engine cake for the Fireman Birthday (or more accurately Romain decided, he loves that cake, bless him !) I figured I had to move away from the traditional set up of dessert tables.
This time the cake WILL be the centerpiece and the rest will have to create a decor to make it stand out, put it into context...
Let's hope I can achieve the vision I have. Clock is ticking so better get back to work ! ;-)


  1. Preciosas tartas y preciosas mesas decoradas.

  2. I think it's lovely that you have switched to a fireman party despite the time and resource gathering for a transport one. I discovered desert table styling just over a year ago and fell in love. I really want to 'style' a party but couldn't justify the extra cost, this year it's our 10th birthday and I really wanted a cake that reflects us in some way (and incorporating the bird from our website but then I saw a lovely Minnie Mouse style cake, we have Minnie and Mickey coming to the party. I knew the kids would love the Minnie cake (it is amazing) and the party is for the children after all. I also want to do a

  3. Sorry it cut me off. I was saying I also want to do a sweet buffet or sweet cart but the giant bowl full of sweets goes down fantastic and much more social even (for our party, obviously I would do the buffet if it was an adult event).
    I'm sure no matter what you did for your son he would of loved it but I'm sure your party is going to be on fire! (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!)

  4. Thanks !!! The preparations are well under way now !
    Doing all the crafting myself and most of the baking does help to keep the budget under control...


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