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8 April 2013

{Craft} DIY Egg Cosy

I just think egg cosies are adorable and I have been wanting to make some for a very long time. My Easter table was the perfect occasion !
Because I like quick and easy projects, I made them out of felt. But of course, you can use any fabric you like.

Here is a quick how to:

Draw a paper template by hand (or find one on the internet and print).
Cut out 2 felt shapes.
Embellish the felt shapes. I used a cute floral bias tape to finish off the bottom and I hand stitched a little fabric heart to the front.
Place the two shapes front to front and stitch together.
Reverse to reveal your completed project.

1 comment :

  1. What a cute idea! I would love to be served a boiled egg like this :)


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