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8 March 2013

{Craft} Easter egg box Cupcake holder

From my inspiration post last week, you'll know that I quite like the Meri Meri Egg box.
So I decided to make my own little cupcake holder out of an egg box and of course it had to match the Easter Banner I am making.

This is a very easy craft which I think will look super cute on my Easter dessert table !

Start with an egg box. Just choose a design and colour you like in your favourite grocery store. Peel the label off carefully so as not to damage the box.
If, like mine, your egg box has a printed label inside the lid, you'll have to cover this part.
Cut a card out of paper or cardboard to the dimension of the lid and start adding different papers/ribbons/embellishments/anything you want, until that little card is completely covered.
Glue in place inside the lid.
I added an extra lace ribbon at the front to finish it off nicely.

There you have it, an inexpensive cupcake holder for Easter !!!

1 comment :

  1. Cute little project! Can just imagine this holding colorful decorated eggs. :-)


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